Commercial Spaces:

Apartments, Gyms, Halls, Bars & Restaurants

Eliminate These odor and more: 

  • Lingering odors from prior tenants

  • Food odors such as fried foods, curry and ethnic cuisine

  • Cigarette, cigar and marijuana smoke 

  • Dog odors including urine, feces and wet dog smell

  • Cat odors including litterboxes, urine and feces 

  • Stagnant airways, common areas and stairwells

  • Sweaty fitness areas including locker rooms and gym floors

  • Funky musty laundry rooms

  • Bathrooms

  • Utility rooms and storage closets

  • Mold odors 

  • Garbage area odors

  • Air conditioner odors

  • Carpet odors 

  • Permeated smelly floors

  • Insect odors

  • Rodent odors

  • Bodily fluids and vomit odors

applications are quick and easy

Simply add water to the container, drop Bio-Bomb into the provided  jar, leave premises and return to a fresh, clean, odor free, neutral living space.

  • Increase occupancy faster with less turn around

  • Eliminate expensive service calls and contracts from companies that specialize in odor remediation.

  • Create fresh air in spaces that have little to no ventilation such as stairwells and corridors

  • Kill odor causing bacteria and microbes that are resistant to elimination by standard practices. 

  • Apartment complexes

  • Hotels

  • Bars and Restaurants 

  • Dorm rooms

  • Air BNB's

  • Laundromats 

  • Gyms and fitness centers 

  • Municipal and public buildings

  • Rental and vacation properties

  • Schools

  • Locker rooms

  • Bedbug and Dust Mite Control

  • Quickflips 

  • Restrooms

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