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Bio-Bombs is a business focused on one goal and only one goal—odor elimination.  Having 20 years of experience detailing pre-owned vehicles for car dealerships, we've seen it all.  The one thing almost all used cars have in common is the distinctive odor left behind from a previous owner.


Having tried all of the solutions available from foggers and aerosols, to ozone machines and scented wafers, nothing seemed to ever truly eliminate odor.  Masking odor with air fresheners and fragrance was not effective because the odor always returned. We sought out a next-gen solution to an age-old problem. 


Following years of research and development, we proudly present, Bio-Bombs.  Our products permanently remove problematic odors. never masking them.  We strive to make your odor removal process as smooth as possible, with easy to use, affordable solutions.  


Bio-Bombs is dedicated not only to providing you a top-notch product line but also providing top-notch customer service.  

We offer unparalleled support online and in the field.  We are here for you and because of you. 


Our products can be used nearly anywhere you can imagine: cars, trucks, campers, apartments, gyms, classrooms, bathrooms, closets, musky basements, animal shelters, garages and kitchens, the possibilities are endless. 

The Bio-Bombs Family

Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes Bio-Bombs better then other products on the market?


Bio-Bombs are made up of our exclusive, and eco-friendly, ClO2 technology that uses science and a simple reaction that naturally occurs in nature.  This chemical reaction breaks down odors at the source by removing them, not masking them.    Instead of hiding odors, Bio-Bombs absorb and remove odors permanently.  When compared to other products on the market, Bio-Bombs offer next-gen technology moving far beyond what other detergents and cleaners provide as they only mask and cover up smells with fragrances.  Bio-Bombs' effectiveness comes from the aggressive, but natural, chemical reaction when our tablet is added to water, attacking the microorganisms responsible for the smells on a molecular level.  For more about the science of ClO2 technology, cleaning and disinfection properties continue reading below or search ClO2 in your browser. 


What is ClO2 and where else is it used?

Cl02 is the formula for Chlorine Dioxide, a chemical compound that is one part chlorine and two parts oxygen.  In the world of science, more particularly chemistry ClO2 has been an established odor eliminator for the last 15 years. ClO2 is also a biocide. Biocides aggressively attack and destroy malicious odor causing bacteria and enzymes.  Most commonly ClO2 is used to purify drinking water and is used in water treatment plants in the United States, Canada and in nations around the world.  ClO2 is so effective that hospitals switched to the compound as a sanitizer in the 1990's after formaldehyde was found to have carcinogenic properties potentially dangerous to humans.  ClO2 is used daily all around us in a variety of different applications,

How easy is the application process?

Super easy.  


Fill the provided application jar with warm water.  Open the sealed packet and drop the tablet into the cup.  Exit your car or leave your home for a few hours, so the Bio-Bombs oxidizing technology can destroy the odors at their source.  Upon your return home or to your vehicle will find clean, crisp, fresh air in place of any unpleasant odors that were present prior to Bio-Bomb use. 

If using one of our premix powders simply add designated amount of water to the sprayer, carpet cleaner or floor machine then proceed as you normally would to clean area.

Can I contact bio-bombs for specific application questions?

Absolutely!  We are available to you at any step of the way,  Customers can contact us at anytime thru our website or our phone number.  There is no odor question too big or too small for Bio-bombs, we've seen it all.  We offer a variety of products designed to specifically fit your needs.  Whether its a liquid spray for upholstery or carpets, to an extended time release odor control pouch for areas that need extra maintenance. 

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders? 

We sure do.  Some of our clients include car dealerships, property managers, cleaning crews and all types of localized specialty companies.  Contact us today to see what we can do for you.  Bulk pricing starts at a minimum quantities of 25.

What are your delivery options?

Orders are shipped via Fed-Ex ground only.  if you have an account number you would like us to use for shipping please leave it in the comments section of your order. 

Please explain your money back guarantee?

We know that you will love our products. However, if you are unhappy with the results, simply contact us, return the unused product and we will issue a return, no questions asked.  Shipping costs are non refundable. 


Fun Facts and Useful information 

  • Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is safely used in water treatment plants across the world.  

  • ClO2 has been proven to kill microorganisms like e.coli, MRSA, VRE and was used to kill anthrax by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2001.

  • Niagara Falls uses chlorine dioxide to treat their water. 

  • Most local water authorities across the United States use free chlorine on an annual basis to disinfect their facilities.  

  • Chlorine dioxide is used in hospitals to create sterile environments and prevent the spread of viral infections

  • Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is not the same as Chlorine Bleach (CL2). Bleach derives its strength from chlorination, whereas the power of ClO2 comes from a process called oxidation, which poses little threat to humans and pets.

  • ClO2 is the strongest known odor remediation solution on the market.  It has tremendously strong deodorization properties that (with the correct dosage) can eliminate almost ANY odor. 

Chlorine Dioxide and how it works

Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is an oxidizing agent known as an 'electron receiver' in the world of science. 

So how does ClO2 remove odors caused by bacteria ?

All cells, good and bad have membranes, these membranes are called biofilms.  In order to eliminate an odor caused by a bacteria cell, the membrane first must be permeated. ClO2 works by attacking the cell's biofilm, pulling an electron from the cell's protective wall and converting it to a chlorite.  This process is called oxidation and is where the ClO2 technology in our products originate. 

Once the biofilm has been breached the organism can no longer protect itself and is destroyed.  Bio-Bombs do not mask odors and do not contain fragrance, aerosol or VOC's.  There is no carbon footprint and after application the remaining solution can be poured down drain or flushed. 

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